Prof. Yavor Kornovski Medical Centre has the only CO2 laser with superpulse mode (SP) for vaporisation of pre-cancerous cervical changes in Eastern Bulgaria currently.

The superpulse mode allows the laser beam to destroy atypical cells at the surface of the cervix and its canal as well as at 4-5 mm depth without causing carbonation and damage to the adjacent cells. This is the most gentle and painless method of destruction of cervical changes in nulliparous women. Laser vaporisation of warts (condylomas) of the vulva is a method of first choice.

Laser vaporisation with super-pulse CO2 lasers lasts for 1 to 5 minutes (average 2-3 minutes) depending on the mode, the selected power, and the size of the pathological section. The procedure is performed after menstrual cycle and is completely painless. After the procedure sexual intercourse, tampons, baths and swimming pools are not permitted for about 3-4 weeks.


The laser beam, with a certain power, and through a certain interval (0.02sec), evaporates the changed tissue by passing through it, respectively destroying it. The effect on the tissue is extremely precise (the laser beam is thinner than 1 mm), leaving the remaining healthy cells of the cervix unharmed.

Prof. Yavor Kornovski Medical Centre is the only specialised gynecological centre in the country where the cycle between the most advanced video colposcopy diagnostics of precancerous cervical conditions and their most advanced treatment with laser superpulse (SP) vaporization is closed.