Prof. Kornovski Medical Centre is one of the few in the country to have the revolutionary laser system with the Fotona brand. The patented VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology allows the Er:YAG lasers to have a wide range of ablative and non-ablative procedures, including the specifically developed for gynecology GynaeLase. With its IntimaLase®, IncontiLase®, ProlapLase® and RenovaLase® procedures, non-surgical, non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment for vaginal relaxation, stress-incontinence, and vaginal atrophy is available.

Laser System Operation Mechanism
Stimulates the contractions of collagen in the connective tissue and the synthesis of new collagen fibers (neocollagenogenesis). These additional collagen fibers make the vaginal mucosa tighter, with better lubrication and provide comfort, especially during sexual intercourse.

What is the treatment regime?
3 procedures (sessions) are applied within 1 month interval. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes. The treatment is painless, outpatient, and the patient can continue with her daily activities immediately afterwards. Over the next 7 days, sexual intercourse and use of vaginal tampons are not recommended.

Services and Procedures with Fotona device:

  • Treatment of stress incontinence – IncontiLase
  • Treatment of relaxed vaginal walls and rejuvenation of the intimate area (postpartum and menopausal hypothrophy) – IntimaLase
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy and atrophic vaginitis – RenovaLase
    With static disorders:
    cystocelle, cystourethrocelle, descensus vaginae – ProlapsLase
  • Treatment of episiotomy cicatrix – in cases of pain, discomfort and dyspareunia after birth with episiotomy.
  • Treatment of trophic disorders of the vulva (leukoplakia and lichen scleroatrophicans)

When and for how long will the treatment take effect?
The patient will experience improvement in symptoms after the first treatment, but the overall effect will occur 1 month after the third procedure. It will last between 18-24 months, after which one session per year is required to maintain the effect.

All prices for treatment with Fotona can be found on the AESTHETIC GYNECOLOGY PRICE LIST page