Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is a relaxation of the vagina due to reduced tone of the muscles of the vaginal walls.

What are the symptoms?

Women with VRS often experience a reduced sensation during sexual intercourse. Sometimes it is combined with various degrees of stress incontinence. With age, the syndrome can also lead to genital prolapse disease.


Who are the affected groups of women?

The condition most often occurs during menopause as a result of hormonal changes leading to reduced elasticity of the muscles in the vagina. It can also occur as a consequence of natural birth, where the vaginal canal has been subjected to excessive stress, as well as hysterectomy or a pelvic floor surgery.

Types of treatment of relaxed or declined vaginal walls:

  • Kegel exercises and hormonal creams can strengthen the vaginal walls, but their effect is very insignificant in terms of tightening and shrinking of the vagina.
  • Surgical treatment (plastic surgery of the vaginal walls) is one of the treatment options.
  • Fotona’s IntimaLase laser treatment is minimally invasive with the purpose of tightening and shrinking the vagina – the laser induces controlled heating in the deep layers of the tissues, which stimulates collagen production, which leads to thickening and strengthening of the vaginal walls. In addition, the available collagen fibers are being shortened, which contributes to the effect of tightening of the vagina.

What is the IntimaLase procedure?

Intimalase is a laser therapy for non-invasive, non-surgical, photothermic shrinking of the vagina and tightening of the vaginal walls used as part of the procedures available with the Fotona device (Er:YAG laser).

How does IntimaLase work?

During treatment, a glass speculum is placed in the vagina and through it is realized the laser energy with specific tip. It precisely heats the vaginal canal without causing burning of the tissue or affecting the surrounding organs. The thermal action stimulates the synthesis of new collagen (neo-collagenogenesis) and shortens the available collagen fibers, causing tightening and strengthening of the vaginal walls.

How does it feel during the treatment session?

The procedure is absolutely painless and does not require any anesthesia, nor does it cause unpleasant sensations. Three procedures, one per month, are needed to achieve the desired effect. The effect is still present months after the treatment. After 18-24 months, one session per year is recommended as maintenance therapy.

IntimaLase on external genital  organs

The same procedure, but with a different tip and the same heating process can be applied to small and large labia, reduced turgor, post-natal atrophy, and menopause. In frequent trophic and inflammatory diseases – recurrent herpes infections, itching, candidiasis, contact dermatitis.

In cases of labia majora hypertrophy and reduced libido, after 1-2 sessions Intimalase 1-2, the pleasure of sexual intercourse is restored. This procedure requires local anesthesia.